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Call for jurors - 2015-2016 season

The Prix Rideau Awards would like to invite you to apply to be a juror for the upcoming 2015-2016 season before June 15, 2015 at 11:59pm.

The jury composition will change, according to the new rules and regulations which can be found here.

Applications for jurors will be considered for all of the following positions:

  • 5 to 7 professional theatre artists including one anglophile Francophone professional artist (one year terms only);
  • 2 theatre educators, theatre professors, drama teachers or art/theatre critics (1-3 year terms, to be replaced on a rotational basis, 1 each year);
  • 1 member of the public (3 year term, to be replaced on a rotational basis with the preceding category).

Bilingual Francophone members of the Board of Directors will choose the members of the Anglophone jury before the start of the season on July 1st, 2015.

Professional artists, arts educators and critics are invited to submit a CV. Artists should submit any known conflict of interest for the upcoming season’s productions and all applying should also send any known schedule conflicts for the season (travel, etc.)

The member of the public should submit, as well as a CV, a short letter of intent explaining why he or she would like to be considered for a juror position and their experience as a theatre goer (subscriptions purchased, festivals or events attended...) for the last three years.

The Prix Rideau Awards will be responsible for creating a production calendar for the upcoming season before July 1st. Availabilities and conflicts of interest will be considered before the final jury composition.

Please note that productions can be added to the schedule and submitted at least 90 days before the premiere. In these cases, the decision to consider or not the submitted production will depend on availabilities and conflict of interest of the composed jury.

Members of the jury must respect the following conditions, as specified in the new rules and regulations:

  • They must be free to attend at least 70 % of the shows of the season, without personal or professional conflicts of interest and without schedule restrictions;
  • Jurors understand that they must be ready and present to attend productions that are part of the Undercurrents Festival (February 10-20, 2016) and the Ottawa Fringe (June 16-26, 2016);
  • Jurors must declare any and all conflicts of interest when submitting their CVs and as the season progresses if any shows are added after the June 15 deadline;
  • Jurors must agree to be present at deliberations, which will take place after the season and no later than August 15.

Please send your submission to info@prixrideauawards.ca.


Derrière le Rideau Award – Call for submissions (18 month season)

If you would like to recognize the exceptional work of a “behind-the-scene artist” or theatre craftman who worked on a production between January 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015, please do so by August 1, 2015 at 11:59pm.

The submission should include your name and theirs, and a short letter detailing how this artist's or craftsman's work went above and beyond the call of duty in their capacity. Behind the Rideau awards can be given to stage managers, production managers, artistic directors, communications officers, box office managers, volunteer coordinator, any professional company employee or even a board member.

The letter submissions should be sent to the jury for consideration to info@prixrideauawards.ca.


Call for Productions to be Evaluated

To all company directors, ad hoc collectives and individual artists,

You are invited to submit your upcoming productions for adjudication by the jury of the Prix Rideau Awards by June 15, 2015 at 11:59pm.

The Prix Rideau Awards will now be awarded on a season based timeframe; as such the production needs to take place in Ottawa/Gatineau (and surrounding areas) between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.

These productions should comply with the new rules and regulations of the Prix Rideau Awards. These new rules, in English, can be found here

If your production is submitted by the deadline of June 15, 2015, we will guarantee that the jury will adjudicate your production for the 2015-2016 awards. You may also submit a production up to 90 days before the premiere but we may not be able to guarantee the jury's attendance and adjudication: this will depend on jury availability and sufficient number of jurors not having any conflict of interest with the proposed production. For any production submitted after the June 15, 2015 deadline, you will be notified by the jury president if the jury can attend your production. You are therefore encouraged to apply by the deadline.

For any questions, please contact info@prixrideauawards.ca


Upcoming Awards Ceremony: Looking for Volunteers

The Prix Rideau Awards (PRA) are gearing up for the next awards ceremony which will take place Sunday, September 27st 2015 at the Maison du Citoyen in Gatineau (secteur Hull) in the Salle Jean-Despréz. This celebration will exceptionally cover a period of 18 months (from January 1st 2014 to June 30th 2015) as the PRA transitions into a new season based model for the upcoming 2015-2016 season.  As such, henceforth, the PRA aims to be a celebration of past accomplishments and a way to announce and create buzz for projects on the horizon. 
A first meeting of potential volunteers will take place Sunday, April 26th at 5 p.m. at Marie-Eve Fortier’s residence:
165, rue Notre-Dame-de-l'île
Gatineau (secteur Hull) (QC)
J8X 3T2
Refreshments will be served.
There is a ton to be done, from small last minute jobs all the way to leadership roles.  Teri Loretto-Valentik and Marie-Eve Fortier will be happy to explain the plan of action.
If you would like to volunteer but cannot attend the meeting, please contact Marie-Eve and Teri at the following addresses:
Marie-Eve Fortier – eve.fortier@gmail.com
Teri Loretto-Valentik – teri.loretto@cbc.ca



Latest News

Dear Ottawa-Gatineau theatre community,
Much has been going on with the Prix Rideau Awards (PRA) since our last message in January. 
As such, the Board of Directors and myself thought it important to provide an update in regards to this work and its short and long term consequences. 
Some of this information was previously distributed via Porta(i)l and most was announced during the recent AGM, but a little repetition never hurt anyone.


1.      As previously announced, two ad hoc committees, one anglophone, the other francophone, have been working hard to redesign the rules and regulations for awards given ; 
2.      A complete first draft of the French language Rules and Regulations has been completed. Meetings have taken place and will continue to take place with various artistic directors for input and validation of certain choices.  One more meeting will take place with the ad hoc committee in order to validate recommendations made by various artistic directors before final adoption by the board of directors ;
3.      The anglophone ad hoc committee has met three times and is close to completing a final draft of updated Rules.  These Rules and Regulations will be circulated via e-mail for community input.  Once comments have been received, a final version will be put to the board of directors for adoption ;
4.      This of course means that rules and regulations will not be the same in both languages, nor will the groups give out the exact same prizes ;
5.      Both sets of Rules and Regulations will be posted on the Web site once adopted by the board of directors.


In early May, a call will be sent out for jurors wishing to help in the evaluation of shows throughout the 2015-2016 season. We would ask interested parties to first consult the updated rules and regulations in order to make sure that they can comply with these rules when judging shows.


1.      Tim Oberholzer has announced that he will be leaving the board of directors when leaving Ottawa for Vancouver.  His contribution has been very significant during this period of change and we all wish to say a strong “thank you” for all his hard work;
2.      Charles Champagne has also announced that he will be stepping down as the PRA’s Webmaster.  Many, many thanks Charles for all your hard work;   
3.      Sarah Migneron will also be stepping down as translator. Mille fois mercis Sarah!


1.      Mícéal Gallagher has agreed to step in as our new Web master : welcome aboard!